Health and Freedom from Warts

wartsThis is a small growth that appears on person’s hands or feet and it looks like a solid blister. It is rough in texture. They are mostly common in kinds than adults. They can infect any area of the body, but tend to attack warm and moist places like small cuts on the fingers, feet and hands. They are usually painless unless when they are on the soles of the feet or any other part of the body that gets bumped every time.

Kids can pick up papillomavirus and get infected with warts by coming into contact with anything someone with wart has used, like towels and surfaces.

Types of warts

Filiform warts

These have finger-like shape that are usually flesh colored and usually grow on around the nose, mouth or eyes.

Flat warts

These are about the size of a pinhead; they are smoother compared to other kind of warts and have flat tops. Flat wart may be pink, yellow or light brown. Most kids who gets flat wart have them on their faces. They can also grow on hands, knees or arms and they appear in clusters.

Plantar warts

These are found on the bottom of the foot. They can be uncomfortable especially when one steps on a small stone.

Common warts

Are usually found on fingers, elbows, knees and hands . A common wart is small, hard bump that is dome-shaped and grayish brown. It has a rough surface that look like head of cauliflower, with black dots inside.

Causes of warts

It is caused by viruses called human papillomavirus (HPV). More than hundred types of HPV exist but only few that cause warts on your hands. Other types of HPV are more likely to cause warts on the feet and other areas of your skin and mucous membranes. Most types of HPV cause relatively harmless conditions such as common warts, while others may cause serious disease such as cancer of the cervix.

They are spread from person to person. You can get wart by touching a wart on Someone’s body. People also get wart after touching something that another person’s wart came in contact. Warts are common on the parts of the body that people shave such as the beard area in men and the legs in women. Biting your nails also can cause spread of warts on your fingertips and around your nails. It often takes a few months for warts to grow large enough for someone to see.

Every person’s immune system responds to the HPV virus differently, so not everyone who comes in contact with the HPV will develop warts.

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